100 million people now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the U.S.


According to CDC data released on Friday, 101,407,318 Americans have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This milestone comes 471 after the first confirmed case in the United States.

Of the 101 million vaccinated Americans, 63,749,364 are elders and 614,288 are minors. Pfizer-BioNTech is currently the most commonly-administered vaccine, beating Moderna by over 20 million vaccinations.

The average vaccination counts have been steadily declining in the past week because of low demand. There remain about 71 million doses that have been distributed and not yet administered.

About 35 million Americans have received their first dose of either Pfizer or Moderna and are now waiting to receive their second, which will bring the total number of vaccinations to at least 136 million in the coming weeks.