30-minute COVID-19 test developed in Israel


An Israeli company says it has developed a half-hour coronavirus test kit, and predicts it will become a globally available screening solution.

Izhak Haviv, chief scientist of AID Genomics, said his company has changed the enzymes and other components normally used in test kits in order to enable small batches of “VIP” tests to be processed in 30 minutes, and bigger batches in around double the time.

“To process a planeload of passengers would take me 75 minutes, and I can push it down to an hour,” he said, adding that he expects the kits to be manufactured and used internationally, and have similar levels of accuracy and false positives as existing kits.

He said that with easy access to expedited screening, some industries will be able to use daily tests to get back on their feet, and commented: “Movie sets, for example, aren’t filming, but if everyone can get tested in the morning, they can know within half an hour if everyone is clean, and start filming.”

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