30% Of Israel Population Had Received First Dose Of Covid Vaccine


Israel keep leading the world in their vaccination campaign with already 30% of the entire country got their first jab with the hopes of getting life to normal in the small country by the end of March.

In the first weeks of the campaign Israel had been focusing on at risk groups and until now a world record number of 76% of those aged 60 and over have been vaccinated with the first shot.

That means only 311,000 people remain among this population group who have not yet been vaccinated at all (many of them are in in the jewish orthodox and Arab communities who have been less excited getting the vaccine so far.)

Another good news is that the Israeli Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health conducted an analysis of the all data of those vaccinated with the second vaccine. This is everyone who received the first vaccine dose between December 20 and 27. The vast majority of vaccinated (between 64 and 78 percent of each vaccination day) arrived to receive the second dose of vaccine within exactly 21 days. This is a very encouraging indeed and shows high compliance with those who received the first shot, which is extra important in this most vulnerable age group.