4 bright spots amid the gloom of Coronavirus

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It can get overwhelming: a drumbeat of bleak news about the coronavirus pandemic, with events changing so fast that one week seems unrecognizable from the last.

“In the moment, it’s painful and miserable and it’s hard,” said Jeremy Ortman, a mental health counselor in New York. “We don’t know what it’s going to look like on the other side.”

But he and other experts said that, to stay resilient in uncertain and frightening times, it was critical to remember that bright spots do exist, and to keep those gleams of hope in mind. “Whenever I’ve asked people what thing they’re most proud of in their lives, it’s always connected to times of pain or strife or struggle and how they got through it,” he said.

– Kindness is being celebrated

– Doctors and health workers are improvising and collaborating, and industries are trying to help

– Research on a vaccine and anti-viral treatment is moving at a breakneck speed

– The crisis holds lessons for the future