94% of Adults in England Have Covid-19 Antibodies


A staggering 94.2% of adults in England have antibodies for covid-19, according to a new report from the UK’s Office of National Statistics. Roughly 80.7% of England’s population has been fully vaccinated, suggesting the rest of the 94.2% acquired antibodies through natural infection with the coronavirus.

The report is great news for England, which has seen covid-19 rates plateau at roughly 25,000 per day. Deaths have remained extremely low, with a seven-day average of 81 covid-19 fatalities daily.

The UK more broadly has also seen a rise in antibodies among adults, with 93.2% in Wales, 89.1% in Northern Ireland and 93.5% in Scotland, according to the Office of National Statistics. Again, part of that is from high rates of vaccination and part of that is through natural infection.