A guy and his kids are using their daily exercise while on lockdown do go and clean graves in local cemeteries


A father and his children are using their daily exercise to clean gravestones in local cemeteries.

Ryan van Emmenis, from Winsford in Cheshire, has cleaned more than 20 headstones with help from his children since lockdown started last month.

It started after a friend posted a picture on social media of his sister’s grave, and Mr van Emmenis, who runs a cleaning company called Cleaning Helps, noticed it had become weathered so offered to go and clean it.

The length of time each stone takes depends on the size, but on average he spends about an hour on each one over the course of three or four visits.

But he has some help now in the form of his three children – Brooke, 12, Lana, four, and Larsson, three – who have begun to get involved.

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