Aiming for 10-second result, breathalyzer detector for COVID begins early tests

breath test

An Israeli startup this week began tests with the goal of identifying the genetic fingerprint of the coronavirus and then determining if it can be detected by a simple and quick breath test, similar to breathalyzers used on suspected drunk drivers.

The firm, Scentech Medical, started the early stages of a trial for its so-called breath technology — a mix of software and hardware — together with the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.

“It’s a breath test that’s really going to change the world of diagnostics in general, and the world of COVID-19 in particular,” Scentech’s Dr. Rom Eliaz told Channel 13 news.

Dr. Abalil Fadi of Meir Medical Center emphasized the ease with which the test will be able to be carried out: “It is non-invasive. And not painful.”


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