All emergency hospitals in Stockholm County are back to normal


On Monday, Södertälje Hospital went into normal mode after being in reinforcement mode and staff mode during the corona pandemic. Thus, all of Stockholm’s emergency hospitals are now in normal mode.

The number of patients in covid-19 who are in need of hospital care has gradually decreased and after just over four months with increased preparedness, Södertälje Hospital was able to return to normal at 15.00 on Monday.

– The strain on everyone has been historic and extreme in many ways. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their heroic efforts during almost the entire spring and summer. But we have also learned a lot about how we can collaborate better within the hospital and optimize our work. We are now taking this with us into the future when we develop our hospital, says CEO Christophe Pedroletti in a press release

During the corona pandemic, Södertälje Hospital was in a state of reinforcement 13 March – 29 June and in staff position 10 – 13 March and 29 June – 20 July. The increased state of emergency has meant a more centralized management of the business compared with a normal situation. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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