An increasing number of Colorado coronavirus patients are surviving, and fewer need ventilators


Back in March, one of the most pressing problems surrounding coronavirus was the fear that hospitals could run out of ventilators.

Doctors were quickly intubating patients, believing it was the best chance to save their lives from a contagious and deadly disease they had never seen before. But a lot has changed in three months about the treatment protocol for COVID-19 — use of the antiviral drug remdesivr, injections of convalescent plasma from recovered patients, and even the simple act of placing hospital patients on their stomachs instead of their backs. 

Now, as Colorado appears to reach the end of the first wave of the virus, new data released Tuesday from a collaborative of Colorado hospital systems shows just how sharply the use of ventilators has declined in this state, and how much patient outcomes have improved since the early days of coronavirus. 

The overall mortality rate for hospitalized patients — for all age groups combined — dropped to 10.5%, compared with 15.1% in March.

And by May, patients also were slightly more likely to leave the hospital and go home instead of going to a rehab center or skilled nursing facility. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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