AstraZeneca Covid vaccine very effective that a booster vaccine may not required


The AstraZeneca Covid jab may be so effective Brits could avoid booster jab, the head of the drugs company said.

Pascal Soriot, chief executive of the UK pharmaceutical giant, said he is hoping data expected in the autumn could show immunity lasts for years with the jab providing strong “T-cell immunity”.

Mr Soriot said: “We hope that the Oxford-AstraZeneca will provide longer term protection.

“The science so far suggests that our vaccine provides a strong T-cell response which I hope means its effects will last longer.”

Mr Soriot said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, based on the same technology as AstraZeneca’s, has shown to “provide years of protection”.

Pfizer has acknowledged that the efficacy of its mRNA jabs shows a decline in levels of protection after six months and the firm is recommending a booster.

Mr Soriot added: “So, it looks good but we don’t yet know for sure whether you will need a booster. Time will tell.”