AstraZeneca, Oxford expect ‘next generation’ COVID-19 vaccine to tackle variants by autumn – executive


AstraZeneca and Oxford University aim to produce a next generation of COVID-19 vaccines that will protect against variants as soon as the autumn before the Northern Hemisphere winter, an executive at the British drugmaker said on Wednesday.

Asked when AstraZeneca could produce a next generation vaccine to tackle new variants, AstraZeneca research chief Mene Pangalos said “as rapidly as possible”.

“We’re very much aiming to try and have something ready by the autumn, so this year,” he said, adding that the timeline included lab work as well as clinical studies needed to test the new shots.

The aim is to be prepared by the winter, he said in a briefing with the media.

“When we have the next variant, everyone will be up to speed and it should hopefully be more straightforward,” he said.