Brazil vaccinates 50% of the population


Brazil reached, this Wednesday (20), the mark of 50% of the general population with complete vaccination against Covid-19 . The information is from a survey conducted by the CNN Agency based on data from the state health departments across the country.

The index includes those vaccinated with the two-dose regimen (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Coronavac) and the single dose ( Janssen vaccine ). According to the balance, 106,764,063 people have already received the second dose or single dose in the country.

In relation to the population able to be vaccinated , which considers individuals over 12 years of age, the percentage of fully immunized is 69.3%. According to the Ministry of Health, 110,980,594 Brazilians have the complete vaccination schedule.

The vaccination campaign against the disease caused by the new coronavirus began in Brazil on January 17 this year.