Britain gives virologists hope


The fact that almost all corona restrictions will be lifted in the UK in mid-July is causing international heads to shake. But apparently the consequences of the easing are not as serious as feared. The German virologist Schmidt-Chanasit sees this as confirmation of the vaccination campaign.

For the Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, the development in Great Britain after the relaxation of the corona measures gives hope despite the high incidence. “Developments in Great Britain show that one cannot simply say: ‘If we lift almost all measures, everything will get out of hand’. We are now seeing exactly the opposite.” The situation there cannot be transferred one-to-one to other countries. “But that gives hope that one can achieve something through the vaccinations, that despite the abolition of almost all measures, one sees falling numbers of cases and no overloading of the health system.”

On July 19, the British government withdrew almost all Corona restrictions as part of a “Freedom Day” and instead appealed to citizens to take responsibility for themselves – despite the sharp rise in the number of cases. At the time, 88 percent of adults had received a first vaccination. Almost 68 percent had already been vaccinated twice. The infections had decreased in the following days and only recently increased again comparatively slightly.