California – New Cases Plummet, Lowest Daily Total In 7 Weeks


Governor Gavin Newsom delivered some happy news to Californians on Friday when he reported 7,934 new coronavirus infections. While that number is still significant, it’s much lower than the 11,645 reported on Wednesday. Wednesday’s number included 6,212 backlogged cases, according to Newsom, which meant the real daily total was about 5,300.

Likewise, the governor announced that 4,429 of Friday’s cases were from the previously-reported data backlog. That means, he said, if you subtract that backlog number from the total of 7,934, the new cases in the state were actually only 3,505 on Friday. That’s the lowest number of daily new cases the state has reported since June 16.

Newsom said the state has been through the roughly 295,000 backlogged cases and that there were “roughly 20,000 positives in that cohort.”

“This will be the last day that we will have to report backlogged cases,” said Newsom. “This was the day we committed to to reporting out our efforts, to clean up the backlog, bring all the positive cases related to the backlog” to the fore, he said.

He announced that the state saw a 19.9 percent decrease in hospitalizations over the past 14 days. There was a 14 percent decline in ICU occupants impacted by COVID-19. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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