Every second person in Germany has been vaccinated at least once


According to Health Minister Spahn, 50.1 percent of the German population received their first corona vaccination. Almost every third person in Germany is fully protected against Covid-19. Because of the delta variant, however, you should continue to exercise caution.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn is satisfied with the development of the vaccination campaign: At 50.1 percent, more than half of the population in Germany has now been vaccinated against Covid-19 at least once. That corresponds to 41.5 million people, said Spahn at the weekly Corona briefing in Berlin. 29.6 percent would already have full protection with a second vaccination – almost every third person in Germany.

The status of the first and second vaccinations are “two milestones for Germany,” emphasized the CDU politician. The prospects for the coming weeks also make him confident: there are so many vaccine deliveries to be expected that all other vaccinees will actually receive an offer by the end of July.,SafdaRO

Germany takes US, Canada off travel risk list, most others from July


Germany no longer classifies some regions, including the United States, Canada and Austria, as areas of a high coronavirus risk, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases said on Friday.

The RKI listed 19 countries and regions that are “no longer considered risk areas” thanks to their low coronavirus infection rates.

Countries that have been removed from the travel risk list include Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Cyprus, Kosovo, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and the US.

Some regions in Portugal, Norway, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland are also no longer considered risk regions by Germany.

Travelers entering Germany by plane must provide a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery before their departure, whether or not they spent time in a risk area, the RKI said.

The decision takes effect on June 13.

Germany allows everyone to sign up for their vaccination


From June 7, everybody in Germany will be able to register for a coronavirus vaccine. So, is a fair and just system, with priority lists for high-risk groups, being replaced by a free-for-all.

“Our vaccination campaign is continuing at full speed and we are beginning to see the impact that it is having.” Those were the words of Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn.

The encouraging vaccination rate led the minister to conclude that the time is now right to break with the system of strict priority lists. In concrete terms, that means that from June 7 anybody can apply for vaccination — as long as they are twelve or older.

Around 20% of Germany’s population of 80 million are fully vaccinated, 45% have had one jab.

Germany has prioritized people who are at a high risk of developing serious COVID-19 symptoms. This includes the elderly, but all people with medical “preconditions” such as cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, or diabetes. And health care workers or others who work in professions where they are exposed to high levels of contact with others and therefore infection. In all, more than 37 million have a right to priority treatment for vaccination.

Germany to offer Covid jabs to all adults from June 7th


Germany will ditch its Covid vaccine priority list and start offering jabs to all adults from June 7th, Health Minister Jens Spahn said Monday, as the country’s inoculation drive picks up pace.

The move means anyone aged 16 and up will be eligible for a vaccine in Germany, scrapping the existing priority criteria based on age, jobs and pre-existing medical conditions.

“We have agreed to lift the priority system on June 7th… in doctor’s practices, among company doctors and in vaccination centres,” Spahn said after talks with Germany’s 16 regional health ministers.

After a stuttering start, Germany’s jabs campaign has kicked into high gear in recent weeks as vaccine supplies increased and general practitioners joined the effort alongside vaccination centres.

Germany last week hit a fresh record when it vaccinated more than 1.35 million in a single day.

Overall, 37 percent of adults in Germany, Europe’s most populous country, have now had their first jab. More than 11 percent are fully vaccinated.

Daily record: 1.35 million vaccinations in Germany


Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn reports a new daily record for vaccinations in Germany. Accordingly, around 1,353,453 doses of corona vaccine were inoculated on Wednesday. This means that almost 36 percent of all Germans have been vaccinated at least once and 10.6 percent are even fully protected.

According to Spahn, by the end of May the focus will no longer be on the first vaccination, but on the second vaccination. This is necessary in order to achieve full vaccination protection for those who have already been vaccinated once. The first vaccinations would then come to the fore again in June, says the CDU politician.According to the RKI, there had already been three days in the past few weeks before the new daily record was set on which more than a million injection syringes were used. In total, about 38.6 million vaccine doses were administered up to and including Thursday. The vaccination rate varies depending on the federal state. The Saarland has the highest quota of at least first vaccinated persons at 40.4 percent. At 31.1 percent, Saxony is slightly behind the other federal states.

Germany – one in three people has now been vaccinated for the first time


Germany’s vaccination campaign is making progress: According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, one in three people has now been vaccinated for the first time. According to him, if the prioritization falls in June, it will take until July before everyone who wants to be vaccinated has received a first shot.

In Germany, around a third of the population is vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the Robert Koch Institute, a total of 557,612 people received a corona vaccination at the beginning of the week – around 110,000 more than on Monday last week. While 381,100 received the first injection, it was already the second for 176,512. This means that the vaccination rate across Germany is now 33.3 percent. Around one in ten (9.6 percent) is now fully immunized.

As Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Deutschlandfunk, two thirds of people over 60 are now vaccinated. That leaves around five to six million people in this age group who could be vaccinated in the coming weeks.

Germany’s COVID vaccine campaign ‘showing effect’


German Medical Association President Klaus Reinhardt on Tuesday said the country was on the home stretch with its vaccine campaign.

While Germany has vaccinated only about 8% of its population with two doses of the vaccine, about 28% have had a first jab.

After a sluggish start to its vaccination program, Germany has picked up the pace with more than a million jabs administered in one day last week.

Speaking to German broadcaster ZDF, Reinhardt said what while the vaccination overage was “still far too low to give the all-clear,” it was “nevertheless showing effect.”

“We’ve had declining incidence figures for a week now,” said Reinhardt. “I’m sure that this trend will continue.”

While herd immunity is only achieved when about 70% of the population has antibodies, Reinhardt said that transmission drops as vaccinations rise.

The example of Israel, he said, showed that from the moment 20% percent of the population was vaccinated, “the incidence rate decreased rapidly and continuously, down to almost zero.”

Reinhardt said he believed it was “very appropriate” to say that Germany was on the “long home stretch” when it came to a return to normality, thanks to the vaccination campaign. “It should give people a bit of hope,” he added.

Germany Gives Record 1.1 Million Covid Shots as Cases Ease


Germany administered a record of just under 1.1 million Covid-19 shots Wednesday, further accelerating efforts to control the pandemic in Europe’s biggest economy.

General practitioners administered a total of 730,000 doses, and vaccine centers another 360,000 shots, accounting for more than 1% of the population for the first time, Health Minister Jens Spahn said at a news conference in Berlin.

“That shows how much speed we’ve gained,” Spahn said. “It’s not enough yet to gain herd immunity in the population, but every shot offers protection.”

After a sluggish start, Germany is helping lead the charge in Europe’s quickening Covid vaccination campaign, with 25.9% of its residents now having received a single dose and 7.5% fully covered.

Germany could start offering COVID vaccines to everyone by June


German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Thursday that he expected coronavirus vaccinations to be available for all those willing to be vaccinated in Germany by June at the latest.

He told Germany’s upper house of parliament that he assumes “that we can lift the prioritization in June.” He said he would be happy if it were possible even earlier.

Currently, half of people over 60 in Germany have already been vaccinated at least once, Spahn said, adding that the pace of vaccinations will pick up now, with the number of available vaccines and inclusion of distribution practices increasing. Currently, more than one in five in the population will have received a first vaccination, and by the end of May, that figure will be one in three.

According to the Federal Health Ministry, around 21.6% of the population had received a first dose by Thursday, while 5.7 million people, or 6.9% of Germany, had been fully vaccinated.

“A total of more than 23.6 million doses have been given so far, with 689,000 yesterday, ” Spahn wrote on Twitter.

15% of Germans have been vaccinated, says RKI


More than 15% of Germans have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for disease control revealed on Sunday.

The figure represents a more than 25% increase compared with a week earlier, and is the latest sign that a sluggish start to Germany’s vaccine rollout is over.

RKI data showed some 12.7 million people had received the vaccine, of which almost 5 million had received the required two shots.

Several studies indicate a single dose already gives some level of protection against the virus.

General practitioners in Germany joined the country’s rollout on Wednesday and now that more vaccines are available, an increase in the number of daily doses administered has climbed, peaking at more than 700,000 on Thursday.