China predicts “cliff-like drop” in Beijing’s 2nd-wave coronavirus outbreak as testing ramps up


Authorities in China’s capital confirmed 13 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of infections in Beijing’s new outbreak to 249. The resurgence of COVID-19 has been linked to the sprawling Xinfadi wholesale food market, which supplies the majority of the capital region’s fresh produce and some meat.

Beijing quickly bolstered measures to stop the spread of the virus after it reemerged in the city of 21 million people on June 11 with a single case linked to the Xinfadi market. The city-wide response alert level was raised, some neighborhoods were put back under strict lockdowns and a massive team of health workers was deployed to test hundreds of thousands of citizens for the disease.

Chief government epidemiologist Wu Zunyou lifted spirits across China and particularly in the capital late last week when he said the Beijing outbreak “has been brought under control.”

Wu Hao, a disease control expert from the National Health Commission, told Chinese state television on Sunday night that Beijing would likely see the number of new cases recorded daily level off at more or less the current rate for about a week, after which he predicted, “the number will have a cliff-like drop.” US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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