Chinese COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by end of 2020: SinoPharm


Though the COVID-19 situation in China has been largely eased, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have been actively participating in the development of vaccines, with some already completing early trials and anticipating market entry by the end of the year, ahead of schedule.

Liu Jingzhen, chairman of China National Pharmaceutical Group (SinoPharm), said in a recent media interview that the results of phase I and II clinical trials were very positive and without serious side effects.

“SinoPharm was approved at the end of June to begin international phase III clinical trials and [the vaccine] could be on the market by the end of the year,” Liu said, adding that phase III trials should be completed in about three months and are in the final stages of approval. 

This came after a World Health Organization expert said on Wednesday that researchers are making good progress in developing vaccines against COVID-19, with a handful in late-stage trials, but their first use cannot be expected until early 2021. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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