Company behind 15-minute antigen test says it’s a ‘game changer’


A COVID test that can give results in just 15 minutes is being heralded as “game changing” by the company that makes it.

The test, which costs under £20, is being mass produced by its Derbyshire-based company SureScreen with the aim to deliver a million a week by November.

It says that quick, cheap antigen tests used frequently will mean that “more screening can be done and better decisions can be made”.

Rapid, regular testing of millions of people a day is part of the government’s so called ‘Moonshot’ strategy – though some scientists are sceptical about such a plan.

SureScreen is a diagnostic company that already supplies its COVID-19 antibody test to 53 countries around the world and its clients include the French and Belgian governments.

Its new antigen test is a handheld cassette type device which works in a similar way to a pregnancy test.

The government wants to be testing millions of people a day by next year including people who don’t have symptoms.

The so-called ‘Moonshot’ strategy on testing aims to allow non infected people to live ‘normally’ confident in the knowledge they won’t be infecting anyone. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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