Coronavirus is in retreat across the UK, health secretary says


Coronavirus is in retreat across the United Kingdom, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Monday.

He said the government’s scientific advisers estimate the virus reproductive rate is currently below one in all regions.

However, Hancock warned that where there are individual “flare ups and outbreaks” the government will take local action.

“The good news is that while this is clearly not over there is progress,” Hancock said at a daily Downing Street news conference. “We are taking a safety first approach,” he added.

“The epidemic in care homes is coming under control… the latest figures shows an almost 50% fall in the number of new care homes reporting an outbreak,” Hancock said.

No Covid-19-related deaths were recorded in London hospitals or across Scotland on Sunday, he said.

However, although Sunday’s official UK death toll of 55 was the lowest daily rise since lockdown began on March 23, the figures do tend to be lower at weekends because of delays in reporting, Hancock cautioned.