Croatia reported just 7 new cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Sports like tennis to be back.


Great news from Croatia as the country reported just 7 new cases (and “only” 3 deaths) in the last 24 hours after they tested 700 people.

The 3 people dead were senior citizens whose age was 98, 90, and 68. The total reported death toll of the country is 54 people. The number of patients treated is also diminishing (316), with 21 people still on a ventilator.

Measures are starting to be released in Croatia from the 27th of April. All retails will be open with the exception of the ones operating in shopping centers. Tailors, key cutters, cobblers, tourist agencies, libraries, museums, galleries, second-hand and regular book shops will be open.

Goods news also comes for people practicing sports as athletes are allowed to commence training in individual sports such as tennis. In addition, players of professional senior team sports can also start to resume practice. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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