Denmark Lifts All Coronavirus Restrictions Except Entry Rules


From September 10, Denmark will remove all domestic restrictions related to Covid-19. In a news release, Danish minister of health Magnus Heunicke said the country’s high vaccination rate means the pandemic is “under control” in Denmark and is no longer a “critical threat to society.”

The move means Danes will no longer need to show a coronavirus certificate to enter restaurants, nightclubs or large events. However, the travel and border restrictions remain in place for now.

Back on March 10, 2020, Denmark classified Covid-19 as an illness that posed a critical threat to society. This gave the government power to introduce severe restrictions on everyday life. Schools, kindergartens, universities and many public buildings were closed.

The restrictions have been in place since then, although many restrictions have been lifted in recent months. Today, a valid coronavirus certificate (proof of vaccination or a negative test) is required to enter many restaurants, attend soccer games or visit fitness centers.

On September 10, the classification of Covid-19 will be downgraded, which ends the legal basis for many of the restrictions. From that date, a coronavirus certificate won’t be required.

More than 70 percent of the Danish population are now fully-vaccinated, according to official figures.