Detroit reports first day without COVID-19 deaths since March

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The city of Detroit provided an update on its current numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

As of May 28 Detroit is reporting 10,927 COVID-19 cases — an increase of 25 cases from May 27 — and 1,353 COVID-19 deaths — an increase of 4 deaths from May 27.

Officials say the actual number of deaths attributed to Wednesday is zero, as the city and state continue to review and update death records that are fully attributable to COVID-19. This is the first time the city is reporting a day of zero COVID-19 deaths since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began.

In the past seven days, we have lost 22 Detroiters to the virus, considerably less than 37 reported the previous seven days,” said Detroit Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair. “Overall, our week-to-week trend continues in the right direction. However, residents should remain vigilant in protecting themselves against this virus by taking precautions including wearing a mask.” US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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