Disabled boy, 6, walks 10 metres a day to raise money for NHS after being inspired by Captain Tom


A young boy with spina bifida has raised more than £60,000 for the NHS by walking 10 metres a day after being inspired by Captain Tom Moore.

Frank Mills, six, initially wanted to raise £99 to match Captain Tom’s age, but has since seen that total rocket. He only started walking 18 months ago and struggles with short distances. His story went viral after being posted on Facebook, with more and more people donating to the rising sum each day. Mum Janet said Frank, from Victoria Park, Bristol, struck upon the idea four weeks into the lockdown after watching Captain Tom. She said: ‘Frank just said: “I want to do that!”.

So we grabbed hold of that magic moment of motivation and we took his walker outside for him. [We] chalked out ten metres on the pavement with a start and finish line and two metre “you can do it!” markers.

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