England – Fewer hospital patients in Covid-19 hotspots


​The number of people in hospital with Covid-19 fell in coronavirus hotspots in June and July, according to data released by NHS England.

Cases of coronavirus have been rising nationally since the middle of July, and even earlier in Leicester.

More of these cases are among young people, who are less likely to become seriously sick.

But scientists use hospital data to understand whether rising cases reflect more infections or more testing.

The number of people dying or going into hospital with Covid-19 has been falling across the UK for months, but since the middle of July, the number of confirmed cases has started to rise.

But some scientists argue that the rise in confirmed cases could reflect more testing rather than more infections.

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In July, Leicester saw 1,336 cases but only seven people were admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

In Blackburn, the number of infections more than doubled in July, but the number of people admitted to hospital fell from 54 in June to 13 in July.

Jason Oke, a researcher at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University – “there are not yet any signs of a second wave in the hospital data”.



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