Enough coronavirus vaccine doses for everyone in UK ‘in first half of next year’ if trials succeed, research chief says


Enough vaccine doses are being made for everybody in the UK in “the first half of next year”, says the head of the team at Imperial College – if trials are successful.

Professor Robin Shattock warned there is still no guarantee that its fast-track research will produce an inoculation with immunity against coronavirus.

But he said: “Assuming funding is there to purchase, we could have that vaccine rolled out across the UK in the first half of next year.”

Success or failure depended on the level of immunity that would be needed to protect against Covid-19, something which was “very difficult to predict”.

But the UK was in a “strong” position” with separate research at Oxford University, Professor Shattock said – and he hoped to “get an answer early next year”, he predicted.

Asked on Sky News if there was a chance that no vaccine being researched anywhere in the world would be successful, he replied: “I think that’s a very low, low risk.

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