Fewest COVID-19 hospitalizations in California since start of April


Statewide hospitalizations reach lowest level since April 10, down 60% from peak

A lot has changed since the last time California had this few COVID-19 patients in its hospitals.

There were 2,869 patients hospitalized with the virus around the state Saturday, according to the latest update from the California Department of Public Health, hitting its lowest level since April 10; the number of patients in intensive care units also fell to 932, the lowest it has been since April 2.

At the time, the state was mere weeks into the nation’s first shelter-in-place order, while President Donald Trump and governors, like California’s Gavin Newsom, were volleying responsibility for reopening from the initial shutdowns. There was hope the virus would peak by the end of spring.

Six months later, most of California remains closed and virus deaths have soared. The total fatalities nationwide number nearly 200,000, with more than 14,000 in California alone. The case count in the Golden State was over 760,000 Sunday — 38 times more than it was when hospitalizations were last this low.

With another 2,271 cases Sunday, the state has reported one-third the number of cases in the past week than at its peak and 36% fewer than two weeks ago. The test-positivity rate also continued to sink lower to 3.5% as of Sunday — less than half its peak rate and a two-point decline in two weeks.

Overall, the state has cut its hospitalizations by 60% from their peak in late July.

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