Finnish-developed, open-source coronavirus vaccine nearly ready for testing


Even though Finnish researchers have a promising vaccine that could be going into testing in about six weeks, there are serious concerns that once any effective vaccine is commercially available, supplies will be snapped up by the world’s biggest countries.

The project is well advanced and according to Saksela, testing could begin “around midsummer”, which falls on 20 June.

The team of professors developing the vaccine are foregoing intellectual property rights to their work. In practice, they have gathered together research data in the field, refined it, added their own observations and are making it freely available.

The downside is that it will be harder to generate profits off an open source vaccine. The profits of international pharmaceutical companies come from their patents and exclusive rights. This being the case, these pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to find the Finnish and free vaccine appealing, preferring to do their own proprietary R&D. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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