France’s lockdown will be lifted on Dec 15 – but bars and restaurants will stay closed for Christmas


France’s coronavirus lockdown will be lifted on December 15 – but bars and restaurants will stay closed over the Christmas period, Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday evening in a televised address.

It was part of a three-stage easing of restrictions over the next two months.

November 28

– Shops can reopen under strict hygiene restrictions

– Lockdown will continue but restrictions on how long one can leave home for is extended. Currently, one can exercise for up to an hour with a one-kilometre radius of one’s residence. That will be extended to a radius of 20 kilometres for up to three hours.

– Religious centres can reopen but with no more than 30 people at any one time.

December 15

– Lockdown is lifted if the health situation continues to improve, allowing people to move around the country and spend Christmas with their families and friends.

– Cinemas, theatres and museums will reopen their doors.

– Instead of a lockdown, the country will revert to a night-time curfew (9 pm to 7 am).

– Bars and restaurants will stay closed over Christmas

– Ski resorts unlikely to be open for Christmas. Final decision expected in the coming days.

January 20

– If the health situation allows it, bars and restaurants will be allowed to reopen.

– Sports centres and gyms will be allowed to reopen

– What else did Macron say?

– Macron said the country had passed the peak of its second wave of coronavirus. He said the easing of restrictions had been made possible by an improving picture nationwide. But, he added, several more weeks of restrictions would need to be endured to allow the country to get the pandemic fully under control.

He said the most vulnerable in society should begin to get a COVID-19 vaccine from the end of December or the beginning of January. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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