Half of Spaniards will see lockdown eased from Monday as death toll falls


Spain’s daily death toll from the coronavirus fell to its second lowest since mid-March on Saturday, as half the country prepared to move to the next phase of an exit from one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns.

Spain began to loosen its lockdown this week, but Phase 1 will include a considerable easing of measures that will allow people to move around their province as well as attend concerts and go to the theatre. Gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed.

“We’ve managed to retake 99% of the ground lost to the virus,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a televised address on Saturday. But he warned people moving to Phase 1 to be “prudent” and “cautious”.

In regions that made the cut, such as the Canary and Balearic Islands, bars, restaurants and shops will open at reduced capacity, and museums, gyms and hotels will open their doors for the first time in nearly two months.

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