In India, a 93 year old with diabetes and hypertension who contracted Coronavirus and suffered a heart attack while hospitalized is now returning home after miraculous recovery from COVID-19


The treatment was planned by the medical staff keeping in mind that Thomas and Mariyamma had diabetes, hypertension plus other ailments associated with age.

The first few days were tough, with Thomas developing chest pain and cardiac complications. Initially, he and Mariyamma were kept in separate rooms, but as this made them anxious, they were moved into the transplant ICU where they could at least see each other.

However, Thomas continued to deteriorate, with intense cough and the accumulation of phlegm causing his oxygen levels to fluctuate and requiring him to be put on ventilator support. 

In between, he suffered a heart attack. Both Thomas and Mariyamma had to be also treated for urinary infection, and later the 88-year-old also caught a bacterial infection.

Last week, as his condition was stabilised, Thomas was taken off ventilator. Their tests for coronavirus have come negative, and they are stable. The medical board would decide on a date for discharge soon.