Inovio vaccine candidate shows promise in non-human study


Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Thursday its COVID-19 vaccine candidate was effective in protecting rhesus macaques from the virus 13 weeks after the last vaccination.

Shares of the company were up 6% before the bell.

Results from the study of the vaccine, INO-4800, in monkeys demonstrate that it reduced viral load in lower lungs and nasal passages in those who received two doses of the vaccine four weeks apart.

“INO-4800 could provide protection in a more real-world setting,” said Chief Executive Officer J. Joseph Kim said referring to the study results, which were submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and also published on the non-peer reviewed preprint site, bioRxiv.

Earlier in the day, Johnson & Johnson kicked off U.S. human safety trials for its vaccine candidate, after it showed strong protection in monkeys in a single dose. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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