Ireland – 84% of the adult population is now fully vaccinated


6.5 million Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in Ireland so far.

In a post on Twitter, he said that 84% of the adult population is now fully vaccinated and over 90% are partially vaccinated.

“Today I would like to make a very specific and clear call to those who have not yet come forward for vaccination. The first message is very clearly, be assured, vaccinations are working.

“The evidence is extremely strong, in terms of reduced illness, reduced hospitalisations coming through, reduced ICU admissions, and indeed, reduced mortality.”

As of this morning, there were 244 patients with Covid-19 in hospitals, down from 249 on the same period yesterday.

Mr Reid said that if you are vaccinated, you have significantly higher levels of protection from being hospitalised or entering ICU.

He said the highest percentage of patients with Covid-19 in ICU are unvaccinated, with 62% of ICU cases in hospitals not vaccinated at all.