Ireland – 87.8% of over 18s have received two doses


Prof Brian MacCraith said 87.8% of over 18s have received two doses and 91.7% of this age cohort have received one dose.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Brendan O’Connor programme, he said we are now at the “final furlong” of the vaccination programme and that the “emergency phase” of the roll-out will finish at the end of September.

He said that the uptake among the 12-15 years olds is slower with about 50% having come forward for vaccination so far.

Prof MacCraith expects that this will reach about 60%, and he said he believes the lower uptake in this category is due to the need for dialogue with parents.

The Chief Executive of the HSE Paul Reid said: “The finishing line of this phase of the vaccination programme is so close now.”