Ireland and Europe – the outlook for vaccination is better than it seems


Based on the current delivery schedule provided by pharmaceutical companies, Ireland believes its vaccination campaign can catch up with Britain’s or come close to it. 

Some other European Union member states say the same: that they should be able to vaccinate all or almost all of the adults who want a vaccine by the end of June, similar to the UK’s target of July 31st.

Ireland’s plan to give 82 per cent of adults at least one shot by June is possible because Pfizer and Moderna have increased their deliveries, and Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine is expected in spring (it applied for approval from the European Medicines Agency last week, and a decision is expected soon). AstraZeneca also says it is working to fulfil its original delivery schedule, so it’s possible there could be more doses than expected.

By Justgivemepositivenews Team