Ireland – New graph shows deaths from Covid-19 peaked 10 days ago

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Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has produced a new graph that shows a different story about the number of daily deaths in Ireland from Covid-19 to date.

He explained that what the National Public Health Emergency Team reports on a daily basis, is the number of deaths notified to them on any particular day rather than the numbers who actually died on that day.

He said that it can take a few days or even longer before any particular death is actually notified to them.

The new graph depicts the pattern of daily deaths that actually took place when the real timing of when the deaths occurred is accounted for.

This new analysis paints a very different picture to that suggested by the figures published to date.

It shows that daily deaths actually peaked ten days ago on 7 April at 39 deaths, although the reported total that day was 36.

It also reveals that broadly for three weeks before 10 April, the daily reported death toll under-represented the reality of how many people really died each day. But in the past week, the daily reported total has been over-representing the actual number of deaths that occurred – some days by quite a lot.​​HELP US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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