Israel data: Boosters cut elderly’s risk of COVID death to 50th of unvaxxed rate


After boosters, elderly Israelis who are fully inoculated have just one fiftieth of the chance of COVID death compared to unvaccinated people in the same age bracket.

According to Health Ministry data for the last seven days of September, there were 6.43 daily deaths per 100,000 Israelis aged 60-plus. For older people who were vaccinated three times, the average was 0.13.

The statistics indicate that the shift from a two-shot to a three-shot regime has saved many lives. When elderly Israelis who are vaccinated twice get their third shot, they eliminate eleven-twelfths of the risk of death.

The daily deaths over the last seven days of September for the double vaccinated elderly was 1.5, compared to the 0.13 figure for the triple vaccinated.

“These are dramatic figures,” Prof. Ehud Grossman of Tel Aviv University’s medicine faculty told The Times of Israel. “They show clearly that the decrease in the current wave is due to vaccination, and point to the effectiveness of inoculation.”

“You can deduce that if we were all vaccinated there would be very low severe cases and deaths,” he said.

The statistics show that older people who don’t vaccinate increase their chances of getting seriously ill with COVID-19 by 65 times.