Israel may have reached a ‘sort of herd immunity’ from COVID, expert says


Israel may have reached “a sort of herd immunity” and can safely ease further restrictions, a top expert said Saturday.

With over 4.9 million Israelis fully vaccinated, the number of daily coronavirus cases has plummeted by 97 percent, Eran Segal, a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, told Channel 12.

“It is possible that Israel has reached a sort of herd immunity and regardless, we have a wide safety net,” Segal said. “I think that makes it possible to remove some of the restrictions immediately.”

Segal underlined that with most Israelis immunized, the reopening of swathes of the economy and gatherings over the Purim and Passover holidays did not contribute to a spike in cases.

If confirmed, Israel could be the first country in the world to hit the milestone of herd immunity.