Italy flattens the curve as daily rise in coronavirus cases falls to lowest rate


Italy is Europe’s epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with more than 97,600 cases of COVID-19, including 10,779 deaths, according to the latest figures released Sunday by the Italian ministry.

However, the outbreak in Italy has shown signs of slowing, with the lowest daily rise in infections since officials began tracking cases after the country’s first reported death on February 21, authorities confirmed on Sunday.

While Italy continues to be battered with new cases, including 756 new deaths reported on Sunday, the daily rise in infections has reportedly slowed to 5.6 percent since February 21, Italian officials confirmed.

The country also saw its lowest daily rise in new cases since Wednesday, reporting a total number of 97,689 confirmed cases on Sunday, up from 92,472 previously, a 5,217 increase.

Italian officials reported on Sunday that 13,030 patients had fully recovered from COVID-19, while 3,906 being treated in intensive care.