Italy Posts Fewest New Coronavirus Cases in Over Two Months


Fewer than 1,000 patients remain in intensive care units in Italy as the nation continues to control the spread of the virus which has now claimed the lives of 30,739 people in the country.

The figures, reported by the Civil Protection Agency, show there were 999 people in intensive care on Monday, edging down from 1,027 on Sunday. 

Last Saturday, Italians were seen flocking to the country’s many parks as the government set out steps to edge out of lockdown and enter ‘phase two’ of the lockdown. 

Previously, Italians were only allowed to venture within a few hundred metres of their door in order to buy essential good or to carry out exercise.

The scenes came as Italian scientists also revealed their plans to test a vaccine, which is being developed by Rome-based Takis Biotec, on humans after claiming their jab is the ‘first in the world’ to neutralise the virus. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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