Italy set to ease coronavirus lockdown beginning May 4, Prime Minister Conte says

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The first celebration New York City will hold when the city can reopen after the coronavirus pandemic will honor health care professionals and first responders, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. 

“I want to guarantee you one thing, that when that day comes that I can restart the vibrant beautiful life of this city again, the first thing we will do is have a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes for our health care workers and our first responders,” de Blasio said at a briefing. 

“The first thing we will do before we think about anything else is we will take the time as only New York City can do to throw the biggest, best parade to honor these heroes,” he added. 

De Blasio said the parade will “mark the beginning of our renaissance.”​HELP US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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