L.A. County reports progress in coronavirus fight as hospitalizations drop, fewer people test positive

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Los Angeles County public health officials Saturday announced 1,032 new cases of the coronavirus and 41 related deaths but also revealed encouraging signs of progress in slowing the virus’s spread.

“Thanks to everyone’s efforts, our data points to steady declines in hospitalizations, deaths and the percent of people testing positive,” Barbara Ferrer, the county health director, said Saturday in a statement.

The county has seen a 13% decrease in its latest seven-day average of deaths per day and a 16% decrease in its most recent three-day average of hospitalizations per day, according to a Department of Health dashboard that tracks metrics related to recovery.

In addition, the percentage of people who have tested positive in L.A. County has reached an all-time low of 8.5%, compared with 28% in New York City, Ferrer said.



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