Lombardy, once the epicenter of the pandemic, reports no new Coronavirus deaths today, for the first time since February


There are 33 , of which 13 following serological tests and 15 ‘weakly positive’, the new cases of Coronavirus in Lombardy . There were 7,039 swabs, out of a total of 1,202,207. The healed / discharged: 71,464 (+48, of which 69,459 healed and 2,005 discharged); in intensive care there are 22, equal to the data of the previous day. Inpatients not in intensive care: 148 (-1). Today there is no death (it has not happened since 22 February), the total therefore remains at 16,788. The new cases by province: Milan 7 of which 4 in Milan city; Bergamo 7; Brescia 6; Como 1; Cremona 3; Monza and Brianza 7; Pavia 1; Varese 1, and no case in Lecco, Lodi, Mantua and Sondrio.


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