Lung damage in Covid-19 patients appears to improve after several months, study shows


The lungs and hearts of patients damaged by the coronavirus improve over time, a study has shown.

Researchers in Austria recruited coronavirus patients who had been admitted to hospital, and at the European Respiratory Society International Congress on Monday they are expected to report on the first 86 patients enrolled between 29 April and 9 June.

The patients were scheduled to return for evaluation six, 12 and 24 weeks after being discharged, in what is said to be the first prospective follow-up of people infected with Covid-19.

Clinical examinations, laboratory tests, analysis of the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in arterial blood, and lung function tests were carried out during these visits.

At the time of their first visit, more than half of the patients had at least one persistent symptom, predominantly breathlessness and coughing, and CT scans still showed lung damage in 88 per cent of patients.

But by the time of their next visit, 12 weeks after discharge, the symptoms had improved, and lung damage was reduced to 56 per cent. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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