Major milestone as zero active coronavirus cases achieved in Victoria (Australia)


Victoria has no active coronavirus cases after the last patient was discharged from hospital.

It’s the first time in 269 days that Victoria hasn’t had an active case and comes after 25 consecutive days of zero infections.

Monash infectious diseases physician Rhonda Stuart said the last active case was an elderly man who was infected with his wife in early October.

She told 3AW his wife was discharged from hospital last week and the man was discharged on Tuesday night.

The joy was twofold for the hospital, with the team responsible for treating the country’s first coronavirus case also in charge of caring for Victoria’s last, the Herald Sun reported.

Dr Stuart told the newspaper there were “mixed emotions” as doctors farewelled the man, explaining battling the virus had been a “rollercoaster ride”.

“The whole treating team have gone on that journey with them, from being really concerned to now waiting out for us to release them as the last person from isolation in Victoria,” she said. “It’s a pretty remarkable story.”

Deputy chief health officer Allen Cheng said the achievement was certainly a milestone for Victoria.

“It doesn’t mean the threat is gone, but certainly a milestone considering we had 7880 active cases on August 11,” he tweeted. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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