Millions Return To Work In Italy After Weeks Of Lockdown


About 4.5 million Italians are returning to work Monday as Italy — one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 — begins lifting some restrictions meant to stop the spread of the disease.

The construction sector, wholesale and certain manufacturing companies started welcoming workers back to work Monday, as Poggioli reported.

Many other aspects of Italian life will inch closer to normal. Restaurants are able to reopen, though they can prepare meals for takeout only. Parks can reopen with social distancing measures, and people can move beyond 200 yards from their home, among other activities.

“There’s both eager anticipation and outright fear of the unknown,” Poggioli reported. “There’s really still lots of anxiety because the reopening is going to place a lot more responsibility on individuals. They’re going to have to weigh personal decisions based on health risk, psychological well-being and economic needs.”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last week that Italians were free to visit congiunti, a word that according to The Associated Press can mean either relatives, relations or kinsmen, within their home region. To clarify what he meant by the word, Conte said the term included “relatives, and to those with whom they have relationships of steady affection.”


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