‘Miracle Man’ Survives Coronavirus After Suffering Two Collapsed Lungs


A man in Massachusetts has recovered from the coronavirus despite having severe, pre-existing lung damage.

The doctors who treated him are calling him the “miracle man.”

On 11 January, George Thomann’s lung collapsed, and he was rushed to an area hospital for treatment.

According to WCVB 5 Boston, while Mr Thomann was recovering from his injuries at Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center in Brighton, Massachusetts, he suffered another collapsed lung. As he fought to recover from the second collapse, his face and body began to swell as air leaked from his damaged lungs.

Despite having two severely damaged lungs and a respiratory illness that has killed nearly 175,000 people since January, Mr Thomann pulled through and was recently released from the hospital.

He said his granddaughters helped him on his road to recovery and thanked the healthcare workers at the hospital for saving his life.

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