Mississippi – New cases still high, but virus hospitalizations declining


Mississippi is reporting a higher number of new cases of coronavirus per capita each day than any other U.S. state, according to Johns Hopkins University data analyzed by The Associated Press. The data was evaluated over a 14-day period.

However, data from the state Department of Health show the numbers of patients hospitalized in the state is steadily decreasing. The number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus in Mississippi peaked this month at 978 on Aug. 7. On Aug. 25, some 730 patients were hospitalized, or more than 200 fewer.

“We do continue to see trends in decreasing hospitalizations. … Certainly, all good trends, but we want to keep them that way,” Mississippi’s State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said Tuesday. “I’m worried about our future obviously, and want to make sure we keep up the gains.”

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