Mumbai Sees Lowest Single-Day Covid Cases In 3 Months


Mumbai, which was the worst-affected city in the country in the first three months of the pandemic, has now seen some relief with the number of new cases being reported in the city seemingly plateauing.

On a day Mumbai recorded its highest coronavirus testing figures with almost 9,000 tests, only around 700 positive cases were reported from these tests. From the 8,776 tests conducted on Monday, around 700 samples were positive, which is the lowest in the last 100 days.

The country’s financial capital reported 1,033 COVID-19 cases on Monday from tests conducted on Sunday. The doubling rate in the city is 68 days now and Mumbai’s recovery rate is at 73 per cent. The overall growth rate of coronavirus cases in Mumbai from July 20 to July 26 was 1.03 per cent.

On Monday, the entire state of Maharashtra recorded 7,924 cases and 227 deaths. Mumbai reported  1,021 cases and 39 deaths. Mumbai has reported 6,132 deaths so far. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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