Netherlands – Lowest number of deaths in two months, ‘but the virus is certainly not gone yet’


The number of reports of people who died of the coronavirus is remarkably low today, with ten. Fifteen new hospital admissions have also been reported. However, the fact that the number of reports of deaths is so low today does not mean that the virus has disappeared, warns Marion Koopmans, professor by special appointment of virology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. “The numbers are always lower on weekends. We really have to wait on Monday to get a clearer picture. The falling numbers do fit the trend, but we certainly cannot say on the basis of today’s figures that this is a break in the trend. Therefore, people should not think that it is over. The peak has passed, but there are still many people on the IC. The virus is certainly not gone and can also flare up. ”

According to Koopmans, it is also awaiting the consequences if the measures are further relaxed. ,, More things will open again and it will get busier on the street. It has gone well so far. But are we all going to keep our attention? That will be an exciting period. ”

Koopmans has not yet heard whether opening the schools has had an effect. “In Denmark this had hardly any effect. It’s been a week here now, so it’s too early to say anything. Teachers now also have more options to be tested, so it remains to be seen what we will see in the registrations. ”