NHS told to prepare for Covid mass vaccinations from December 1


The NHS has been instructed to prepare for mass Covid-19 vaccination of the public from December 1 in one of the biggest immunisation drives in British history.

The plans will see up to 1,500 GP practices and drive-through centres ordered to open from 8am to 8pm every day, each dispensing at least 1,000 jabs a week – meaning there will be capacity for at least one million doses to be administered weekly. 

Health officials said on Tuesday that the NHS would be ready to deliver the jabs as quickly as they can be supplied, with medical and nursing students and retired medics being drafted in to help. 

Ten million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine are due to be delivered by the end of this year as long as regulatory approval is granted. 

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said on Tuesday that British regulators will be able to make a judgment on the safety of the vaccine “within days” of getting a formal licence application, expected later this month. There are hopes that trial results from a vaccine being developed by Oxford University and Astra Zeneca could be released as soon as next week. 

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